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Beau Monde Guitars buys, sells, trades and consigns used gear! Our website is constantly visited by customers seeking high quality new and used instruments from all over the world. Beau Monde Guitars can make your selling experience much easier by alleviating the hassle of selling an instrument yourself and exposing your item to a larger audience. We will handle all promotion, customer interactions, collection of payment and shipping.


Consignment allows us to represent a unique set of inventory outside of the brands we are an authorized reseller for. Our main focus of consignment is guitars, basses and amplifiers. In order to ensure your instrument is in salable condition we will restring, setup/adjust, clean and playtest each item prior to displaying it in our showroom and on our website.



Bring or ship your item to us and we will mutually agree upon a sale price. Be reasonable, as a general rule of thumb, a used item typically sells for less than half of what it originally sold for new. Keep in mind, how quickly an item sells is usually dictated by the price.


If your item sells a 20% commission fee will be deducted from the sale price. (Example: An item sells for $100.00, our commission rate is $20.00, and you will receive $80.00). If your item does not sell, you may pick it up at any time, as we do not charge to showcase or store your instrument.


If you prefer a third party website such as eBay or Reverb be used to sell your item our standard commission rate including all applicable service fees will be subtracted from the sale price. (Example: An item sells on eBay for $100.00, our commission rate is $20.00, eBay seller fees are $10.00 (10% of gross), PayPal fees are $3.00 (3% of gross), and you will receive $67.00).


You will be notified as soon as your item is sold. Please note that our return policy on consigned items is 72 hours from the date of purchase. Your portion of payment will be issued promptly after the sale is approved by the purchaser. If your item is sold on a third party website the terms and conditions of that site’s return policy will apply.



We will directly purchase name brand instruments from established product lines in the industry, and/or trade for items we feel we can resell. In order to make a fair offer we will research and use comprehensive methods to gather the necessary data required, providing you with honest information so you may judge what is in your best interest as the seller. If a sell/trade option does not meet your expectations you may want to consider consignment.


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