Guitar & Amp Repair


Beau Monde Guitars offers the finest in both stringed instrument and electronic repairs. Our highly skilled and professionally trained technicians provide quality service and meticulous care for your guitars and amplifiers.



Available services include: restrings, setups, fret filing and leveling, pickup installation, pot replacement, tuning machine installation, pick guard mounting, nut and saddle fabrication, strap button installation, switch replacement, output jack repair, pickup height adjustment and more!



Available services include: re-tube, bias, pot replacement, input jack repair, speaker replacement and more!


Our electronic repair department operates on an hourly rate plus parts. A deposit is required in advance in order for our technician to assess your amplifier and provide an accurate estimate. Once approved, your deposit will be applied towards the cost of repair. Otherwise your deposit is retained as a bench fee for evaluation. Please allow up to two weeks for completion of any electronic repair.



Are you experiencing no output from your guitar or amplifier? Try testing your instrument cable. This may just be a straightforward solution to a simple problem.


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